A Bright and Cold Saturday

Saturday January 29th 2022

It was a beautiful Florida cold day. The high temperature was around fifty degrees despite not a cloud in the sky. The bright sunny day was only marred by a strong wind out of the north. The wind was reported at fifteen to twenty sustained with gusts near thirty. In the shelter from the wind it was a comfortable day. Unfortunately, my campsite has an open view along the south side of Dixie Lake. I got the full force of the wind broadside all of last night and today. In other areas this would be great weather. Here in Florida it is hard to take such below normal conditions.

Wind driven waves with the north wind on Dixie Lake.

I got in a couple of walks around the campground and the nearby trails. There are many more people out walking today. Some of the added folks are fellow campers and others are here to enjoy the park for the day. There were also two or three groups wearing pink sweatshirts leading me to suspect an organized cancer walk of some kind, but I didn’t see any information posted about such an event.

Calm water on the sheltered north side of Hammond Lake.

Depending who you listen to tonight is either going to be the coldest night in 4 years or twelve years. In this area, west of Orlando, it is supposed to be about 28 degrees for a couple of hours before dawn. North of Orlando even lower temperatures are in the forecast. High twenties temperatures for a few hours shouldn’t be a problem for me. I’ll just disconnect the outside water hose before I go to bed tonight. If it really seems to be getting cold overnight, I’ll turn on the noisy furnace. It is just so much better when I can sleep in the peace and quiet without the blower noise.

Anhinga drying wings in the wind.

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