Return to Lake Louisa State Park

Monday January 17th 2022

The weather has taken a turn to the cold side. Today’s high temperature was no more than sixty. The full sun was offset by a strong wind out of the west. Wind gusts near 30mph were reported in the area with the average sustained wind speed around 15mph.

Today was a moving day. I had a twenty five mile drive to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont. This is my second two week state at Lake Louisa this winter. It has been thirty one days since I departed on December 17th. I am on a different pull trough site in the middle area.

Site 27 at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont Florida.

Check out time at Fort Wilderness is 11AM. People start leaving early and the Disney staff is quick to clean up the sites as soon as it is empty. I needed to leave as late as possible since I couldn’t check in at the state park until after 1PM. Arriving and departing as a single traveler with a towed car to deal with is complicated. It isn’t possible to leave the car at the area Disney kindly provides to unhitch. The area isn’t big enough to park a car and still allow others to use the area. Consequently, it is necessary to use the overflow parking area near the Outpost check in area to hitch up my towed car.

I drove the car to the overflow lot around 9AM and walked back to my campsite. Working slowly, I finished packing and left my campsite at 10:45AM and drove the motorhome to the overflow parking lot to meet up with my SUV. The parking lot had filled up with arriving and departing RVs since I parked the SUV. The arriving RVs were waiting for their sites to become available and the departing ones were waiting for their owners to get back from one last theme park day. I parked the motorhome beside the car with the intent of waiting until noon before hooking up. As I waited more RVs arrived and I became partially blocked in. I could get the motorhome or the car out, but not with them connected. Since I wasn’t in a hurry I just continued to people watch.

Most of the sights were of people loading and unloading golf carts from utility trailers or the backs of big fifth wheel trailers. In addition to golf carts many of the trailers had multiple bicycles onboard. One family of five had the process down to a science. They stop in the middle of the parking lot aisle with a motorhome pulling a utility trailer. Three kids with Mom and Dad got out of the RV. The trailer was unloaded of three bikes and a golf cart. Two bikes remained on the trailer. Mom and Dad pushed the utility trailer into a parking place after unhitching it from the motorhome. The three kids got on their bicycles, Mom got in the golf cart and Dad in the motorhome and so the parade to the campsite began. I assume they came back later for the adults bicycles.

The funniest thing I saw while waiting in the overflow lot was a little kid chasing a turkey. A boy that I’d guess was four or five was running after a turkey. His Dad was chasing after the boy calling his name. I don’t think the Dad could decide if he should get mad or start laughing. A couple of minutes later the Dad walked back carrying a very upset little boy.

When 1PM arrived and the parking situation hadn’t resolved, I walked around looking for a better place to hook up my towed SUV. An area at the back corner of the parking lot had emptied out as people sites became available. I drove the motorhome out of its tight location to the open area then walked back and got the car. I was hitched up and ready to roll at 1:30PM.

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