New TV Installation Completed

Tuesday January 11th 2022

For the first time since early December I wore long pants and a sweatshirt today. The strong northeast breeze kept the high temperature around seventy despite the cloudless sky. This weather represents normal for this area. The last few weeks have been warmer than average. The long term outlook shows these normal conditions continuing for the next few weeks.

Strong wind out of the northeast, but lots of sun.

I finally got my new TV permanently mounted in the bedroom. Early this afternoon I went back to Home Depot for the Loctite to keep the bolts from vibrating loose. Once back at my RV home I took the TV down from its temporary mount and installed the mounting bracket with all four bolts using the Loctite thread glue. I used several garden hose washers as spacers to align the mount along the irregular shape of the plastic back to the TV. After all of the connections to the antenna, Satellite receiver and DVD were made, I tested the TV one last time. With everything tested I put the final six screws in to lock the bottom of the mounting bracket to the cabinet door behind the TV. It should be fine in the earthquakes of travel on bumpy roads.

It seemed like everything had to get used to the cooler temperature. On my walks around the state park there were fewer living creatures out and about. I didn’t see any tortoises today. The squirrels and birds seemed to be in hiding as well. Even the number of people out and about was down from most of the previous week. The wind out of the northeast made sitting at the lake shore or fishing from the boat dock less desirable an activity.

The campground had a large turn over today. I was surprised that many of the people that came in late last week didn’t depart on Sunday or Monday. It was beginning to look like a lot of people were here for a longer stay like me. Today was a correction to that impression. Tonight there are many apparent short term visitors sleeping in small tents or in a couple of cases cars.

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