A Crowded Day in the Park

Sunday December 26th 2021

Today’s weather was a clone of Saturday’s. It was a bright sunny day with the high temperature right around eighty. The forecast calls for similar weather all week. The only negative is the humidity is on the increase.

Natures Christmas Decorations

My daily walks in the park were separated by watching football on TV today. The park was very crowded and there was a steady stream of cars entering the park. I changed my mind about leaving the park when I saw the line at the gatehouse was almost out to the street. Inside the park the parking areas at the wildlife viewing areas were overflowing even more than they were the last couple of days.

The alligators and water birds were out taking advantage of the good weather. On my second walk of the day I saw some turkeys for the first time on this visit. They were in the same area the deer were in last week.



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