Birds and Gators

Thursday December 23rd 2021

When I typed the day and date on the line above I had to really think about it. I felt like today was a weekend day. My confusion probably began with my late start to the day. When I first woke up it was in the low fifties inside my RV home. To combat the chill I turned on the electric space heater and went back to sleep. The morning news programs and most of the next hour were over by the time I got out of bed. It turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of sun, a light wind and a high temperature in the upper sixties.

Today was a chores day. Chief among the chores was making sewage run up hill or so the challenge of dumping my holding tanks seemed. At this site the sewage connection is more than twenty five feet from the dump valves on my RV. The connection is also almost a foot above the ground in a poured concrete support block. The intent of the concrete is to keep the opening above any standing water during flood conditions in the park. The combination of the distance from my RV and the height makes it very difficult to establish a supported hose run at a constant pitch. Using two long dump hoses and the supports I have there was still a dip in the hose run and a climb at the end to get to the connection. Since the tanks in the RV were above the connection into the ground it all worked, but getting the last few gallons of sewage in the low points of the hose into the sewer took some persuasion.

I took two walks today. The alligators were back on the river bank and the birds were a little more active. Reviewing my pictures this evening I didn’t find any standouts, but a few nice pictures of birds and gators. Today seemed to be a Great Blue Heron Picture taking day.

2 thoughts on “Birds and Gators

  1. We don’t see gators here in California. I couldn’t imagine taking a walk and seeing several in my path. They don’t try and go after you? I don’t know anything about alligators except what I see on TV lol.


    • Most of these alligators are on the other side of the river from me. I have had to pass by a gator or two along the side of a path. They don’t really worry about people unless you threaten them. In the past, I have encountered a couple right in the middle of the trail that I decided not to pass. No point in pushing my luck.

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