Last Day at Lake Louisa State Park

Thursday December 16th 2021

Today’s weather was unsettled once again, but not quite as bad as the last couple of days. Every now and then a group of thick clouds would pass through disrupting the otherwise sunny day. A couple of the cloud intrusions even brought rain with the darkened sky. The temperature still managed to approach eighty degrees.

Harmless looking clouds moving in from the southeast actually brought a little rain.

This is my last full day at Lake Louisa State Park. It doesn’t seem like two weeks since I arrived, but my time is up tomorrow. This area has a nice mix of the natural environment of the state park and the availability of the various Orlando area attractions. I chose not to get into a lot of the attractions this time. The holiday season has the whole resort corridor area overly crowded. The hiking tails and ponds in the state park are an enjoyable counterpoint.

I’m heading to the Gulf Coast area for the next month. I’ll be at Myakka River State Park and Lake Manatee State Park for a pair of two week stays. After that I’ll be back here for two weeks. I really enjoy staying in the natural environment the state parks provide. The downside is the length of stay is limited to two weeks.

Today was filled with a combination of local exercise around the campground and preparing to move tomorrow. I didn’t do as much early preparation work as normal. I have until 1PM to be off my site and a theoretical check in at Myakka River State Park of 3PM. I’m sure I’ll be able to check in earlier, but I don’t want to get there too early. It is about 130 miles of mostly interstate highway driving with lots of traffic.

Two more nights to full.

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