Active Saturday

Saturday December 11th 2021

The beautiful weather continues. It was another sunny day with the high temperature in the mid eighties. There was a little bit more breeze than Friday, so it felt more comfortable.

Last nights severe weather in the middle of the country is my worst nightmare. Most forms of extreme weather have a few days warning. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms give you a few minutes warning at best. I have learned to have an idea what represents potential shelter at every stop, but knowing when to head for shelter is another thing. Storms at night like yesterday’s in Kentucky would be particularly difficult to get ahead of. In my six years living on the road I’ve taken shelter twice. Both times a tornado warning was issued for my location, but missed. I’ve also delayed travel into an area that has a major front with severe weather possible heading through the area in the day ahead. There have been severe thunderstorm warnings that in hind sight I would have been more comfortable seeking shelter, but again nothing dangerous actually happened. My thoughts are with the people in the impact zone.

The state park and campground were very active today. During the week there is some activity, but the park is mostly quiet. The weekend campers were here to enjoy themselves. The concession service was doing a big business renting kayaks, canoes and bicycles. I met several people out on the trails during my hike. Usually hikes at this park are a very solo experience. There were even a few people on horseback. I’ve seen horse calling cards on the ground before, but not the actual animal and rider on the trail.

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