A Lost Day, But a Good Day

Thursday December 9th 2021

There was a little rain overnight. This morning there was a heavy cloud cover that lasted most of the morning. In the early afternoon the sun broke through the cloud layer occasionally. As the day went on the size of the openings in the clouds got bigger, but it never really cleared. Surprisingly, there was next to no wind. The surface of the two lakes was very still. Another foggy start to the day is forecast for tomorrow.

A cloudy start to the day.
A few minutes of blue sky late in the day.

I set the alarm to wake up early this morning. My goal was to reset my sleep pattern closer to normal. I got up early, but that doesn’t mean I got an early start to the day. Knowing it was early I spent more time preparing and eating breakfast. Combining my slow pace with the dull weather it was afternoon before I got the active part of the day started. When you only have three to four hours of daylight remaining the options for outdoor activities are limited. It turned into another day of walking around the campground, reading and general relaxation.

This campground is full every night, but has a few sites turn over each day. More than half the sites are occupied by Florida RVs. A good mix of travelers from other states are represented as well. A few of the RVs have been decorated for Christmas. It is really too early. With the exception of the work campers all of the RVs will be gone by Christmas. I’ll put up something at my next stop that overlaps the holiday. I imagine it is the same with many of the others.

The clouds were back by sunset.

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