A Foggy Start to a Chores Day

Tuesday December 7th 2021

The day got off to a very foggy start. The news reported that the entire central Florida peninsular was shrouded in heavy fog. It started to clear between nine and ten. By noon the temperature was well on its way to a high a little north of eighty. This is exceptional weather for the area. The usual high is in the low to mid seventies. The good thing is night time temperatures are in the high fifties to low sixties.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

When I saw the heavy fog this morning, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I’m still trying to realign my sleep pattern after Sunday’s late night. Breakfast was also slower and more leisurely undertaken this morning. It was just before noon when I took my morning walk around the campground. The local alligator in Dixie Lake was already sunning on its favorite log when I stopped at the lake.

Most of my afternoon was spent on chores around my RV home. There is always something that needs to be done. Today I had quite a few things to pick up and put away after only four days here. The dishes in the sink also needed to be addressed. Saturday was the last day I properly cleaned up after cooking.

On my second and longer walk around the state park just before sunset I saw several more Canadian RVs. It has been a month since the boarders reopened. The number of Canadian license plates I see on central Florida roads and in the campgrounds seems to be back to normal. Escaping the cold and snow is a powerful incentive to travel. Hopefully COVID concerns don’t close the boarder again. As I understand it, right now land crossings into the US are not even subject to the 24 hour negative test requirement.

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