Saying Goodbye to the Sun

Wednesday November 3rd 2021

I woke to sunshine and warming temperatures, but it didn’t last. By midday thick clouds were moving in and the warming of the day slowed. The high temperature was around seventy degrees. The clouds are forecast to dominate the sky for the next few days. Friday and Saturday are expected to be rainy. The sixty to seventy degree temperature outside isn’t a problem. It is a whole lot better than the thirties and forties up north. The downside is without the sun the inside temperature of my RV home needs help to warm up. I’ll have to turn on some form of heat.

The cloud cover thickening over the Nassau River.

When I was returning to the RV park this afternoon I had to stop for a school bus at the park entrance. The presence of the bus answered one of my curios conundrums. There are a lot of school age kids in the park. I wondered if they were all home schooled or if some were in the local school system. It looks like a little of both. The bus delivered about six high school age kids, but there were others already in the park riding bicycles. This probably tracks to the types of temporary living situations in the park. There are some that have permanent ties to the area and others that are visiting for medium length job assignments. I have seen a number of people dressed for work in hospitals like traveling nurses or medial technicians. There are also a number of out of state pickup trucks with various construction trade signs painted to the sides associated with the RVs in the park.

The task of creating this blog entry has been very slow. Once again tonight, my windows PC is attempting to upgrade various things in the background. I can type whole sentences before the characters appear on the screen. Every time that happens I find at least half the words have typos. With any luck Microsoft will get caught up before I start tomorrow’s blog entry. I’ll leave the computer on overnight to see if that helps.

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