Where are all the Squirrels?

Thursday September 16th 2021

The lack of time cues from the TV continues to play havoc with my sleep pattern. Listening to the radio and reading kept me up much longer than my normal bedtime. The result was a later and slower start to the day. Once I got up I found a cloudy day. The forecast rain never materialized, but the sun only made a few weak attempts at visibility late in the day. A stronger breeze than the past few days was also blowing most of the day. The temperature peaked around eighty.

Wildflower blossom of day.

On my morning walk, which didn’t happen until just after noon, I saw a squirrel. It reminded me of how few, if any, squirrels I’ve seen while I’ve been here. There is plenty of traditional squirrel food like pine cones, acorns and berries. At other campgrounds with similar food sources the squirrels are overrunning the place.

The only squirrel I’ve seen here. Where are his friends?
Plenty of squirrel food.

I have seen very few creatures other than people at this park. Some of it is because of the location on a spit of land sticking out into the lake. Bigger animals like deer wouldn’t want to get trapped among people without good cover or a clear escape path. I’m not sure what the smaller animals excuse might be. In the marshier areas along the lake shore I expected to find ducks and wading birds. In the last couple of days I’ve startled a Great Blue Heron on a number of occasions. It gets spooked before I know it is around as I approach the shore. All I want to do is take its picture. It must be camera shy. I still haven’t seen any ducks.

A little bit of sun breaking through at sunset.

As I sat outside my RV home this afternoon, a steady flow of new arrivals passed by. The quiet of the last few days is over. Tonight I can hear the sound of trucks and other vehicles moving around. Kids are out on bicycles and scooters. The first thing people do after setting up camp is launch their boats and power them at full throttle out into the lake. The weekend is here on Thursday night. It will only get busier tomorrow.

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