Chores and Travel Preparations

Wednesday September 1st 2021

Today’s weather surprised me. I was expecting a repeat of Tuesday’s weather. Either the forecast was wrong or I just didn’t understand the weather talker. Today was warmer and more humid than yesterday. Little Rock broke 100 degrees for the first time this year. It was a little cooler here on the river. It probably peaked around ninety eight. There were also a couple of hours in the middle of the afternoon with short cloud bursts of rain. None of the showers lasted more than a couple of minutes and during some the sun was still shinning.

Blossom of the day.

Most of my time today was dedicated to catching up on chores. The sink had started to fill up with dishes and other clutter had accumulated both inside and out. I got those tasks complete and did a few more things in preparation for moving tomorrow. I’m traveling about 150 miles back to the Mississippi River. I was lucky enough to get a site for the Labor Day holiday weekend at Tom Sawyer’s RV park where I was at the beginning of August.

Today’s impromptu entertainment was a fishing boat race on the river. A couple of young adults with aluminum fishing boats with oversize motors were racing up and down the river in front of the campground. The weight of the motors and driver kept the rear of the boat only a few inches from the water line and the front high out of the water. It was noisy and probably not very safe, but they were having fun. It seems to be a regular occurrence. They were racing another evening earlier in my stay. Ironically this evening I saw a guy fishing from a jet ski. Talk about cross purposes.

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