What Hurricane?

Monday August 30th 2021

Today began as a calm cloud covered day. As the day progressed the wind picked up out of the north and northeast. It wasn’t anything like the hurricane to the southeast. The TV weather talkers reported a gust of 25mph at the Little Rock Airport. With the breeze came a few breaks in the clouds that allowed the temperature to reach the mid eighties. The rain remained well to the east of this location. My decision to stay here was a good one.

No blue sky this morning.
A goose on sentinel duty.

Most of the “refuges” from the storms path that arrived in the park yesterday departed this morning. I don’t know if they were heading back to the destruction or if they were moving on to a better place to wait out the storm and recovery. The Louisiana van and pickup truck that were on the site beside me last night departed around noon. They guy that spent the night in a hammock got lucky that it didn’t rain last night.

Today’s exercise was a circuit of the campground along the park roads and the trails that interconnect the various camping loops. I only saw one vehicle from Louisiana. Most or the park residents are from Arkansas. A handful are from Tennessee and Mississippi. I saw two others from Florida, but I didn’t see any more distant states. The last couple of weeks of August through the labor day weekend seem to be a lull in travel. Summer travel is over. The kids in southern states are back in school and the northern kids start in the next couple of weeks. The fall travel season usually starts right after labor day. Maybe I’ll have less difficulty with reservations during the next couple of months.

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