Travel to the Little Rock Area

Wednesday August 25th 2021

Today was a hot travel day. The temperature was in the high nineties with plenty of accompanying humidity. It seemed to get a little warmer as I traveled west into the center of Arkansas.

I got a later start on the road than I had planned. Annoying little things like a leak in my sewer hose delayed my departure. Luckily I always test the hose with the gray water before dumping the black tank. After watching a fountain of gray water coming out of the hose, I swapped out the bad hose for another one before continuing with the dumping process. There was very little gray water spillage to clean up.

The travel came in two parts. The first part, going north to Memphis, was easy. Traffic was very light. The second part of the travel was on Interstate 40 crossing Arkansas. Traffic was very heavy. Most of vehicles were big trucks and the road was only two lanes wide. I settled in behind a truck that was traveling at a comfortable speed and stuck it out for 115 miles or so. Other trucks passed in the left lane in a continuous line. One construction zone slowed everything down even more. On top of everything else the road wasn’t the best. My RV home bounced around violently a few times.

The next issue on the trip was my recollection of how to find the campground. I’ve been to the Maumelle Corp of Engineers campground twice before, but each time I arrived from the west. This time I was approaching from the east and the campground is on the west side of Little Rock Arkansas. I managed to turn south on the wrong interstate (I-30) and found myself heading for downtown Little Rock. My solution was to take an exit and reverse direction back to Interstate 40. The next time I turned south on Interstate 430 I was on the right road, but my troubles weren’t over yet.

The bridge over the Arkansas River was under construction and so was the first intersection south of the river. A cloud burst of rain decided to start at about this time too. The signs for the exit were either a casualty of the construction or I missed them in the rain. Either way, I realized that it was the exit I wanted as I passed by. Another U-turn was called for at the next intersection. Both of my direction issues would have been solved if I had reviewed my route before starting my trip. Just because I’ve been somewhere twice doesn’t mean I remember all the route numbers or road names.

Site D-2 at the Maumelle Corp of Engineers Campground on the Arkansas River.

I arrived at the campground a little before 3PM. It took a while to get setup in the heat after passing the first hurdle of dealing with the welcoming committee. To get into my site I had to wait while the local population of Canada Geese got out of the way. They wouldn’t be hurried.

Some of the welcoming committee.

I plan to be here until the second of September. The only possible wrinkle is the tropical system that seems to be forming in the Caribbean. One path for the storm takes it into the Gulf of Mexico toward the Houston TX area. That track would send a lot of rain this way. I need to keep track of the development.

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