A Hike to Cane Bayou

Saturday July 17th 2021

This morning before the expected afternoon thunderstorms, I set out on the Cane Bayou trail. The trail is labeled as a 4.8 mile hike from the park visitors center to the bayou. It is a wide fairly well cared for trail through the woods. Just like areas of the campground, the trail shows signs of all the rain that has fallen in the area of the last few weeks. There are many areas of standing water on the trail. It is necessary to hop, skip and jump across some of the streams and navigate through the vegetation to avoid some of the puddles. I only got in the water once and that wasn’t too bad.

Trail to Cane Bayou.

The hike was a little disappointing. There wasn’t a lot of scenery along the way. In some areas the swarming bugs were a real problem. Once I got sweaty the bugs thought I was a great place to land. None of them bit, but they were a big annoyance. All along the trail I was waving the bugs away, looking toward the sky to see if the rumbling thunder was approaching all while watching out for puddles to avoid. Somehow I did manage to see a deer in the woods and a snake on the trail in front of me.

The culmination of the hike was the biggest disappointment. The trail ended about thirty feet or so from the bayou. Between the end of the trail and the bayou was a wet marsh area filled with two foot high grass before the tree line along the bank. I couldn’t find a way through it or around it. The recent rain is probably to blame. All I could do was turn around and repeat the hop, skip and jump over the water hazards along the trail back to my RV home. I needed a nice hot shower after the hike.

Small gator in the pond near the beach.
Sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain.

The campground is busy for the weekend. It is filled with all kinds of campers. There are big diesel pusher moterhomes all the way down to tents and car sleepers. My neighbor on one side is sleeping in her car and the neighbor on the other side has hung a hammock bake in the woods a little ways. He is using his car to support an awning to cook under. MY guess is that he will be sleeping in his car tonight. It’s raining pretty hard right now.

Sun setting before it was obscured by a thunderstorm.

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