Hike to Alligator Marsh

Saturday July 10th 2021

Today’s weather was better than it could be, but not as good as it should be. It was cloudy morning and a threatening afternoon. From about 1PM on there was thunder in the air. Clearly storms were in the area, just not overhead. In the early evening a few short duration showers arrived.

The trail passed under this big old tree.

This morning I set out to explore some of the trails in Fontainebleau State Park. Parts of the trail were difficult to navigate around the puddles that blocked most of the trail. I had to play hopscotch between rocks and high spots without slipping on the mud to follow the trail before I found a nice boardwalk out into Alligator Marsh. I didn’t see any gators in the marsh, but there were plenty of wildflowers and a few birds.

After making a stop at the beach to checkout the across the lake, I returned to my RV home. The view across the lake was a little better than yesterday, but still very hazy. I did manage to spot a sailboat well out into the lake under full sail. The retreat to my RV home was driven by the sounds of thunder. While I didn’t see any approaching thunder clouds, the rumble was clear. I spent the remainder of the day close to the cover provided by my RV home.

The state park is very active this weekend. While it isn’t full, there are lots of families here enjoying the park. I suspect most are from close by. Many arrived late yesterday and have been in party mode since they arrived. Some have even had a number of day visitors. It is all good times, nothing is out of control. Tomorrow is likely to be a mass exodus day.

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