A Day in the Life

Sunday June 27th 2021

The temperature peaked in the high eighties with normal humidity for the area. The forecast had a low probability of rain. For most of the day it looked like the forecast was correct. Around 5PM, while I was on my second walk of the day, the eastern sky started to darken and the sound of thunder was in the air. I headed back to my RV home as a precaution. A little after 6PM, the sky opened up. It rained hard for about half an hour before the sun returned.

A view of the sky over the lake. The clouds blew through the area most of the day.

I am having difficulty finding a topic to write about in this blog entry. My day was very ordinary today, but far from a disappointing day. When I look at my day from a time management perspective there isn’t an incredible amount of free time. Of course I can make time for things, but my regular routine can fill most of the day.

Bug in a blossom.
Butterfly visiting a wildflower.

The early part of most day’s is focused on transitioning from sleep to wake. Getting cleaned up, dressed and having breakfast takes at least two hours. It is accompanied by catching up on the news and reading various sites on the Internet. If I find something interesting to read it can easily expand to three hours or more. Generally noon is approaching as I come up for air.

My first activity of the day is usually my first walk of the day. Most of my walks are about an hour long and include taking pictures of lots of things to include in my blog entry for the day. After the first walk, I may leave the RV park or start in on some of the tasks for the day. The second walk of the day is usually around four or five. Before that I have to find something to eat. Other than breakfast, which is usually coffee and something simple like toast, I have one simple meal and one more extensive meal. The simple meal might be a sandwich, a frozen dinner or a bowl of cereal. It takes less than half an hour to prepare and eat the simple meal. The bigger meal involves cooking. The preparation, eating and cleanup takes more than hour for the simplest things. The more complicated meals take longer. The second walk of the day and other optional tasks falls between the two meals regardless of order. Some days the simple meal is first. Today the more complex meal preparation fell between the walks.

In the evening, I have my blog entry to prepare. It starts with reviewing all of the pictures I took during the day. Most of them don’t reach blog level. They are either out of focus, uninteresting, or redundant. The pictures I select may need to be cropped or otherwise adjusted before I reduce the resolution to make them easier to manage on the blog. Then I write the content of the blog. Even when I take the easy way out by including lots of pictures and few words, it takes over an hour to complete. A longer entry, like this one is turning into, takes two hours or more.

Alligator and a duck out in the lake.

All of this adds up to nine or ten hours of routine behavior if I don’t have a reason to hurry, skip or consolidate things. All of these things have to be done by me. There is no divide and conquer possible. If I get in all of my routine activities the day seems fulfilling. It just may not be that interesting for blog readers.

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