Long Laundry Day

Monday June 14th 2021

Today began overcast and sticky. As the day progressed the clouds broke up enough to a partly cloudy level, before everything clouded up as the rain showers approached. Only a few couple of minutes long showers occurred in this area. The temperature peaked in the low eighties. A bright yellow orange sun is setting in the west as I start to write this blog entry.

Clouds starting to build in over my RV home.

My day was pretty much consumed with doing the laundry. There were two washers available at the laundry room in my section of the RV park when I checked. I returned to my RV home and packed up my laundry bags and stripped the bed linens into a pillow case. Along with the detergent and dryer sheets I loaded up my car and drove to the laundry facility. After loading the first load into a washing machine, I tried to get the machine to accept my credit card without success. The device kept reporting a “card read” error. After transferring everything to the other available washing machine I got the same message on that machine’s reader. Changing credit cards didn’t seem to help either.

On the assumption that it was some kind of communications error I drove to the other laundry facility at the front of the RV park. There was only one machine available in that room. I got my first load going. Twenty minutes later another machine became available and I got my second load started. Then the wait for the dryers began. At least I had a nice place to sit and wait outside on the patio. Almost three hours later I was finished with the laundry.

Back at my RV home I still had work to do. While packing the cloths back into the closet and draws I was disappointed in how some of the cloths appeared. Some of the clothes are showing their age and I don’t think the wash cycle was all that thorough. Making the bed again also took some time. Overall the laundry took more than four hours today.

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