7 Creeks Recreation Area

Saturday June 12th 2021

For last few days the weather forecast has called for increased rain and thunderstorms today. As late as this morning, the forecast called for thunderstorms with heavy winds and over an inch of rain possible. They got it wrong. The temperature got into the lower nineties and the clouds started to build in the early afternoon. In southern Georgia, to the north of here, some heavy storms passed through. In this area a few rain drops fell, but it was primarily a wind event. There were a few wind gusts that I’d guess were in the 45 to 60mph range. Today’s overstated rainy forecast is now tomorrows forecast.

Pumpkin Hill Creek

With the threat of weather, I got started with my exploring for the day shortly after breakfast. My destination was an area on the map labeled the 7 Creeks Recreation Area. It located toward the Atlantic coast from here. There are several different preserves, parks and trail heads along the creeks that wind between islands and marsh land before you get to the actual barrier islands along the coast. In this area the barrier island is Big Talbot Island. Little Talbot Island is to the south near the St. Johns River and Amelia Island is to the north.

The parks and preserves in the 7 Creeks Recreation area are run my the county, the state and the National Parks Service. I visited three today, but the conditions and the threatening weather didn’t allow for any real hiking. I visited the Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park, the Betz-Tiger Preserve and Cedar Point Preserve. I passed several other trail heads scattered between ranch land and rural homes. From the signs and reviewing the web pages there is an extensive system of more than thirty miles of trails. I also stopped at a canoe/kayak launch and a boat launch. With the exception of the boat launch, I didn’t run into any other people. The location is now on my list to return in better hiking weather. Perhaps that will happen this fall.

The wind that came through the RV park this afternoon caused some excitement. Several people were not prepared. I saw at least two trailer awnings that were up over the top of the trailers. The residents had left for the afternoon with the awning out. The awning catches the wind and acts like a big sail. Even when they are anchored down wind from the wrong direction will cause havoc. Today I think the residents of both trailers lucked out with only minimum damage. Often the wind will destroy the awning or the support arms.

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