A Beach Visit

Monday May 10th 2021

I woke up to the sound of lawn mowing this morning. While I slept a little late, it was still before 9AM when the rude noise started coming in my windows. I know they have to mow to keep the area looking nice, but the noise always seems to get on my nerves. It doesn’t really make a difference what time of day they mow. It hits my mood in a negative way and I have no idea why.

The Atlantic coast was much quieter today. All of the traffic and overflowing parking lots were gone. I found plenty of room to park at all of the parks and beaches along route A1A south of St. Augustine. My destination was the beach beside the Marineland aquarium. It was low tide so there was plenty of beach to explore. At high tide the beach is narrow. The area has several rock jetties that are mostly under water at high tide. They are intended to help prevent beach and dune erosion and preventing the inlet to the north from filling with sand.

It was very hot and muggy while I was at the beach. Looking back to the northwest toward my RV home, the clouds were thickening and darkening. Rain was not high on the forecast, but it sure looked like it might happen. I had not thought to close my windows and vents, so I started back after less than an hour roaming around the beach area. As I got closer to my RV home I could see the storm clouds were still a good distance away. I took a slower route back through the old town part of St. Augustine.

I was back in my RV home for about five minutes when the rain started to fall on the roof. In the two minutes it took to close the windows and vents the rain increased from a gentle shower to a loud roar of falling rain. Two minutes after that it was over. It remained cloudy and threatening the rest of the afternoon and evening. The forecast increases the chances of rain each day for the next three.

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