Another Rainy Travel Day

Sunday April 25th 2021

I was up by 7:30AM to allow plenty of time to get ready to depart before the 11AM checkout. The early morning weather report described a severe thunderstorm with a possible tornado northeast of Orlando in the Flagler beach area. The front the storm was associated with was moving slowly south along the Florida peninsular.

It seems like many of my moving days this winter have had bad weather. Certainly my last move in the middle of April was very wet from start to finish. Today’s weather was not as long lasting. I managed to get packed up and depart the Davenport area around 10:45. The storms had still not reached the area. Traffic in the Kissimmee area was heavy. As I traveled east the sky to the north kept getting darker and darker. The bad weather was getting closer. Once I was east of St. Cloud and clear of the congested area, I turned northeast and ran straight into the rain.

I was on a narrow 2 lane road with plenty of oncoming traffic. My windshield wipers were on full speed along with the defroster to keep the forward visibility in the acceptable range. The oncoming traffic was visible provided the drivers had remembered to turn on their headlights. To avoid hitting the oncoming traffic it was necessary to travel through the puddles on the side of the road. It was a tense twenty five miles or so before I reached Interstate 95. The rain let up as I traveled north.

Site 109 at the Titusville Kennedy Space Center KOA.

I arrived at the Titusville Kennedy Space Center KOA at 1:15PM. It took two and a half hours to travel ninety miles. The rain had let up completely. I was able to setup without getting wet from the rain. The high humidity helped to get me wet from perspiration. One more brief shower passed through after I was setup, but the front is now well south of the area. Most of the week is supposed to be warm and dry.

A good nights sleep is on the menu for tonight. The knowledge of inclement travel weather didn’t allow for a very satisfying rest last night. I would certainly like a few dry travel days for my next few moves. I’ll be here until the middle of next week.

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