A Slow Blog Day

Wednesday April 14th 2021

Today’s weather was a clone of Tuesday. It was a beautiful day with a high temperature around ninety. My activities were pretty much a clone as well.

As the day went by puffy clouds started to fill the sky.

My activity level seems to be in a holding pattern along with my travels. I came to this campground to wait out the additional week plus before I get my second COVID vaccine shot. Each day this week has been a combination of chores around my RV home, a drive around the local area and a walk or two around the campground. The walks around the campground are not high on scenery. I try to find interesting pictures to include in each night’s blog, but around here I’m stretching the possibilities.

My challenge for tomorrow is to find a place to stop on my drive besides the gas station which will be the first stop. The ideal place will have a trail to walk and wildlife to photograph. I have a couple of ideas that I’ve been before, but they are a good distance away. I’d like to find a park or other outdoor activity nearby.

The RV park has a very professional dog washing setup.

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