The Day After Travel Blues

Monday April 12th 2021

The weekend storms were long gone this morning. It was a bright sunny day with low humidity and a high temperature in the low eighties. There was over three inches of rain in some reporting sites around the area yesterday. The rain is needed. The area is still several inches below average for the year. The long term forecast is calling for more rain over the next couple of weeks.

Blue blossom of the day.

After all the difficulties associated with yesterday’s move, I was not that energetic today. I got most of the setup tasks that I skipped in yesterday’s rain completed. I still need to connect the sewer line, but my tanks are in good shape capacity wise. Beyond those simple necessary tasks I was not in the mood to do much.

I took a couple of walks around the campground for exercise and as an attempt to shed my lethargy. The extended stay part of the campground is emptying out. Many of the snowbirds have returned to their summer locations. The regular part of the campground is also emptier than I expected. The combination of midweek and the pandemic seems to be impacting the occupancy. Earlier in the year I had an email advertisement from the park offering a minor incentive to stay here, so they may be having a hard time filling campsites. It will be interesting to see how busy the park is this weekend.

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