Last Day at Lake Louisa State Park

Saturday April 10th 2021

Today’s weather was a waiting game. The majority of the day was sunny and hot with increasing humidity. The TV weather forecasters spent most of Friday and there time on this morning’s news attempting to put the fear of Mother Nature into us about an approaching cold front. Around 4PM it started to get cloudy. By 5PM there were black clouds to the west with some rumbling of thunder. A few lines of strong wind gusts passed through around 5:30PM. Heavy rain and thunderstorms never passed through this area. Light rain is falling as I write this blog entry.

On the 6PM evening news the weather forecasters pointed out the areas of the state that were getting bad weather. Earlier in the day they were well to the north and west of here. As of this evening they are to the south and west of here. Now the forecasters are trying to scare the population about tomorrow mornings storms in this area. How much credibility should I give their forecasts?

Young alligator hanging around the fishing pier in hopes of stealing the fishermen’s catch.

Tomorrow is a moving day. I’m only traveling about twenty miles to the south, but packing and travel in a thunderstorm is not fun. I got most of the outside preparations completed before the rain started. Bringing in the slides, raising the jacks and disconnecting the hookups will get me a little wet if it’s raining. Hooking up the car will get me very wet. Just a little more tension before a move.

While the weather was still good I took another short hike in the state park. This time it was the nature trail near the Lake Louisa beach. To turn a normal hiking trail into a nature trail they add a few benches, make sure trail is wide and level and add a few placards about vegetation and wildlife. I’ve read the same placards at several different Florida State Parks. It makes for a nice easy hike.

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