Driving in a Circle

Thursday April 8th 2021

I’m running out of simple things to do in this area. There are many things to do in this area, but I’ve ruled out the vast majority of the things I normally do because of the pandemic. The risk and value associated with all things Disney is not worth it. Other areas have similar issues. I need to do a little more research to cast a wider net and travel further to find more things to do. I’ll be in this area for another two weeks or more.

Today’s activity was a lot of driving in a big loop to the southwest of Orlando. This is all familiar territory. I spent the winter of 2015 in Davenport Florida and stop in this area every spring and fall when I’m in Florida for the winter. The area continues to explode with development. It is interesting how the expansion proceeds. First a new housing development is started. A supermarket is usually part of the first wave of development. A few years later when all the houses are finished, the area around the supermarket is filled in with other stores, gas stations, restaurants and two pharmacies. The CVS goes on one corner and the Walgreens gets the diagonally opposite corner. The pattern gets repeated a few miles down the road.

At the state park this afternoon the characteristics of the campers is changing once again. The weekend is coming. With it more families and friend groups are occupying the sites. More campfires and noise with fun and games comes with the weekend residents. Tomorrow more weekenders will arrive. On Sunday everybody will pack up and go home. Unfortunately this Sunday I’ll be in the rush to depart with them.

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