Travel Reflections

Monday March 22nd 2021

The meteorologists missed today’s forecast. The partly sunny day with highs in the mid seventies didn’t happen. The day began and ended partly sunny, but most of day heavy low clouds block the sun. The temperature never got out of the low seventies and it was in the high sixties most of the day.

A year ago today I was beginning my two months of exile in the Arizona desert. My reservations for travel at the start of the pandemic were falling like toy soldiers in a Christmas play. I didn’t do much until the restrictions began to relax in the middle of May. Since that time I’ve kept moving. I haven’t stayed in any one place more than two weeks.

I hope it tastes good.

All of last summer I had the plans for the fall and winter to look forward to. That helped keep me motivated. Those plans are running out and I’m tired. The continued stress of moving every week or two is mounting up. One of the advantages to extended stays in one location is recharging my travel energy. The alternative is to have fun places to look forward to visiting. Currently my summer plans are very fluid by design, but I’m thinking about firming them up a little to help keep me motivated. Next winter is going to be a repeat of this winter’s travel approach. I’ll be doing a bunch of two week stays in Florida state parks starting at the end of November. Another thought is to find a longer stay location before the start of next winters reservations.

I spent a few hours driving around today. There are a lot of cattle in this area. I saw all kinds of beef cattle. Some were black, some were brown, others were gray and many more were a combination of colors. I’m sure there are better descriptors such as the names of the subspecies, but I don’t know what they are. At least I knew when I was looking at a horse or lama instead of a cow. It was an interesting drive overall.

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