Last Day in Starke FL

Sunday February 28th 2021

It was another above average weather day. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties under a mostly sunny sky. Unfortunately, it is also getting more humid. Showers are a possibility tonight into tomorrow. Just in time for my next travel day.

Blossom of the day.

Today is my last full day in Starke Florida. The last week has been a break from my series of two week stays in Florida State Parks. The trend resumes tomorrow with my return to the Bradenton Florida area. When I made the reservations eleven months ago the plan was to be back in the baseball Spring Training area to attend a few games. With the pandemic that isn’t going to happen. Most of the spring training venues are selling up to twenty five percent of their tickets, but only in groups of two, four or six. Previous year season ticket holders get first choice so there aren’t a lot of options available. I don’t think I would be comfortable attending anyway.

This campground didn’t empty out this morning as much as I expected for the end of the weekend. Many of the RVs that came in Friday are still here. Unlike other days last week many new arrivals came in this afternoon and evening. I think the park is close to full again tonight. Most of the new arrivals are from northern states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. It may be with the COVID numbers down and many seniors having been vaccinated that people are hitting the road for a little warm weather vacation.

I have most of the outside packing tasks done and the inside ones that don’t impact sleeping and breakfast completed as well. Unlike most of my last few moves that were short distances allowing for later departures, tomorrow is a long travel day. I have about two hundred miles to travel, so I want to be on the road by 10 or 10:30.

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