An Area Touring Day

Friday February 26th 2021

The day began with dense fog. When the fog dissipates sometimes we say “the fog lifted” and other times we say “the fog burned off”. Today was a “burned off” day. It went from dense fog, to fog near the ground with sunshine above, to no fog at all within a few minutes. Blue sky with a few clouds and high temperatures above eighty followed the burn off.

I was out of bed earlier than normal this morning, but consumed all of the extra time and more during a very leisurely breakfast. While sipping my coffee and eating my toast I caught up on some of my internet reading. There is one thing about using the internet for news and information; it is never ending. Eventually I moved away from the table and got ready for a day of touring.

Haze of the daily humidity over the St Johns river.

Every time I stay at this campground I go in search of parks or trails in the area to explore. So far I haven’t found any place of interest within thirty miles or so. Today I ended up thirty miles to the east on the west bank of the St. Johns river. I’m familiar with area. It is nice to sit and watch the river, but today there didn’t seem to be any activity in sight just lots of open water.

Most of the boats in this little marina are from northern ports.

When I returned to the campground this afternoon a lot had changed. Many new RVs have arrived for the weekend. It looks like the park will be full. Many of the RVs that have been abandoned all week had people swarming around this evening. I think many of the RVs are weekend and vacation escapes for people who live and work in the Jacksonville area. This park is about the right distance from the city.

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