A Lot of Rain and Not Much Activity

Friday February 19th 2021

It started to rain during the night and continued throughout most of the day. As evening arrived the rain let up. The temperature has steadily dropped from the daily high near seventy at midnight. The forecast calls for overnight lows in the high thirties. It was in the fifties most of the daylight hours.

This wasn’t a very blog entry worthy day. I didn’t get any outside walking in today. The only walking I did was in the grocery store during the early afternoon. Even the Walmart was relatively empty on the rainy day. It was well stocked. I managed to get everything I remembered needing, but inevitably I thought of a couple of forgotten items when I got home. Maybe I’ll make a shopping list before my next trip for groceries.

Rain, puddles and campers setting up in the rain.

At the campground this afternoon a new set of residents were arriving for the weekend. This campground follows a fairly predictable pattern. The weekends and longer term stays like mine book early, then people pick up shorter reservations during the week. The result is that lots of people leave on Fridays. The camp hosts had a big job this morning checking all of the newly emptied campsites. They even tried to use the leaf blower to clear the leaves from the sites, but wet leaves don’t move very well. I really think this particular camp host is enamored with the leaf blower. Yesterday morning was a veritable symphony of loud leaf blower noise. It sounds like a chainsaw.

The weekend is forecast to be dry and cool. As I write this blog entry the moon and stars are visible in the night sky. Tomorrow will be lucky to get out of the fifties temperature wise with Sunday a little warmer.

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