Sleepy Day

Wednesday February 17th 2021

I got another early start to the day. Unlike yesterday, today’s early start was planned. The goal was to book another two week reservation for next January in the Florida State Park of my choice. There were more complications than usual this morning. Getting the computer to boot up was a slow process. It needed to finish installing an upgrade that I didn’t even know it was preforming. With only a minute or two to spare I was ready to click the mouse at 8AM. I was rewarded with a new error message. Most likely, the reservation server was too busy, although the error message offered all kinds of unhelpful information. Eventually my repeated mouse clicks were successful. After fifteen minutes rather than my usual three, I had a site booked at Lake Louisa State Park in central Florida next January. March 1st is my next early morning reservation contest.

Today’s weather wasn’t suitable for outside activity. The high temperature around sixty degrees was cold for Florida, but that seems normal for this year. The real problem was the threat of rain. With each passing hour this morning the clouds thickened and more attempts at rain occurred. By early afternoon the occasional drip drop of rain lasted more than a couple of minutes. This evening one line of rain passed through with more to come later this evening. These are just showers not severe thunderstorms like Monday night. Tomorrow is forecast to be a cloudy day with temperatures twenty plus degrees warmer in the eighties.

Today’s creature of the day

Before weather conditions got totally unpredictable I got in a walk to Lake Wauburg. The cloudy rain threatening conditions were great for the fishermen. Several boats were out on the lake and others were on the fishing pier. No one caught anything while I was watching. I also didn’t see any of the birds I usually capture in pictures. The best I could do today was pictures of snakes. I saw at least two on the surface of the water below the boardwalk.

I got back to my RV home before the real rain began. My afternoon was spent doing summer travel research, watching TV and catching up on some of the sleep I’ve lost with my early starts to the last few days.

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