Failure to Book

Sunday February 14th 2021

Morning came early today. I had to before 8AM to make reservations for next January. When I know I have to be up earlier than normal, I sleep lighter. In this case many of the overnight showers woke me up enough to acknowledge the rain. Most of the overnight showers were over by 7:30 when I got up. The rain returned later in the day.

I was ready to click the mouse when the clock struck 8AM. Knowing my choices were limited, I selected the site I thought I had the best chance of getting. It didn’t work. Someone else got their request in first. I was met with the dreaded phrase “inventory not available”. Rerunning the query for available sites showed no availability. Checking other possible Florida state parks also showed no availability for next years MLK Holiday weekend.

My backup plan is to book my next two week stay in a Florida State Park starting on January 17th 2022 rather than Friday the 14th of January. I’ll find a commercial park for the weekend. Moving the start of my booking window to the beginning of the week also takes the Florida residents looking for weekend reservations out of the competition for each of my subsequent two week reservations. I’ll be up early on Wednesday morning to try for the January 17th 2022 reservation.

Heavily cropped image of the American Bison on Paynes Prairie.

I drove down to the prairie observation tower at the visitors center this morning. There were a few too many people milling around to be comfortable hanging around, but I stayed long enough to spot three or four bison way out on the south side of the prairie. With maximum zoom on my camera and a little post processing by cropping I got a picture that confirmed my sighting. Similar to my comment yesterday about the wild horse, I hope the bison move closer to the tower one of these days. I didn’t see any wild horses today.

When it started to rain this Anhinga decide to bring in his wings. They weren’t going to dry in the rain, better to use them to stay warm.

When I arrived back at my RV home the sky was starting to lighten up. Knowing that more showers were forecast later in the day, I took my walk to the day use area early. The day use area is a half a mile or more away. While I was there the sun broke through the clouds for a few minutes, but it was just playing with me. Less than ten minutes later it was starting to rain. Even taking advantage of the heavy foliage canopy produced by the trees, I was drenched by the time I got back to my RV home. The rain continued until after sunset. I spent the time reading and watching TV.

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