Silver River Entertainment

Friday January 29th 2021

The temperature roller coaster reached another low point last night. It was only forty degrees inside my RV home this morning. The little electric space heater wasn’t enough to make it comfortable. I had to turn on the propane furnace. It might be loud and inefficient but it had the temperature to a comfortable level in short order. The high temperature for the day was just over sixty degrees. Tonight will be cold again.

The cold kept me inside until the noon hour. It was comfortable outside in the sun and out of the wind. I grabbed my camera and made the mile hike to the Silver River. The people in the kayaks, canoes and occasional power boat along with the wildlife was my entertainment for the day. I watched the mild comedy of uncoordinated people getting in and out of kayaks at the launch site for a few minutes. I’m sure I’d be just as awkward, but hopefully I’d stay dry like all of today’s participants did.

By second stop was a bench deep in the cypress trees on the River loop trail. It’s in a very secluded area. I surprised several people passing by in boats. You could easily here them say “There’s a guy over there. How did he get there?”. Only one group seemed to know there was a trail in the state park. I had to explain to one group that I wasn’t lost. That got old after a while so I returned to the kayak launch.

After the lunch hour the kayak launch was quiet. The people that stopped for lunch had moved on and no one else was launching boats. The birds had moved closer to the launch area making for some fun picture taking. Here are today’s pictures.

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