Scrambled Day

Friday January 22nd 2021

Today began as a bright sunny day. As the day progressed clouds moved in overhead. By sunset the sky was fully cloud covered. Even without full sunshine the temperature managed to climb into the mid seventies. It was a nice weather day.

Gator watching the people on the wall above the river.

My plans for the day were easily scrambled. My first order of business after breakfast and my morning reading was grocery shopping. It didn’t happen. As I was preparing to leave my campsite a traffic jam developed along the campground road in front of my site. An RV was stopped in the middle of the loop road on the other side of the loop. Two or three cars and RVs were waiting on the narrow road for it to move. After waiting about ten minutes for the traffic to clear, I changed plans. I’d take my afternoon walk in the late morning and go shopping later.

The short walk along the river turned into a long walk on both sides of the river. The alligators and birds were out catching the sun before it hid behind the clouds. The alligators seemed more active today. One sunbathing gator went for a short swim before climbing back onto the bank. It didn’t seem to be provoked by anything. It just wanted to get wet. Another gator on the far bank swam across the river to watch a kayak get launched. What the gator expected to find is only a guess. Maybe other kayak fishermen have disposed of their catch into an alligators mouth. It didn’t get any reward today. After the kayaker paddled off the gator returned to the far river bank.

My planned half hour walk turned into two hours before I got back to my campsite. The traffic jam was gone, but I still didn’t go grocery shopping. I wanted to grab a bit of lunch first. The only problem was the simple lunch foods were one of the things I needed to buy. My midday meal turned into my big meal of the day. I grilled Brats with some rice pilaf and vegetables. With another hour plus gone, I gave up on shopping today.

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