A Walk Along the Hillsborough River

Tuesday January 12th 2021

Between the thick tree cover and the very cloudy conditions it was a dark and dull morning. Getting started with the day was difficult. The sun made a brief appearance through the clouds late in the afternoon, but if you blinked you would have missed it. The temperature remained in the low to mid sixties all day. Overnight lows in the forties are forecast.

The first order of business today was finishing the setup tasks around the campsite. Usually that only includes taking the bike off the car and a couple of other outside tasks. This morning I found I’d stopped in the middle of things yesterday. The door to my electric cord storage on the back drivers side of the rig was still open and I had also neglected to put the cover on my tow bar. I must have been really tired yesterday after I arrived.

This morning I did some exploring around the campground. Some of the campsites are much better than the one I’m on. They have been leveled out and raised above the water level with gravel. If I’m going to stay here again, I need to make a list of the improved sites. The one I’m on is OK, but it has issues compared with many of the others.

My other two walks today were along the Hillsborough River. The river winds through the park. It has lots of pretty overhanging trees and many downed trunks in the river providing character to the rivers flow. Without the sun or general warmth, the turtles and gators weren’t out on the banks, but I suspect on warmer days they will be. I kept my walk to the developed trails on this side of the river today. On the other side of the river are two longer less developed trails that I’ll explore on another day.

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