New Years Day at Lake Manatee State Park

Friday January 1st 2021

Happy New Year

New Years Eve was warm and noisy here at Lake Manatee State Park. Since it was still above seventy degrees as the New Year approached, I had the windows open in my RV home. The state park has a lot of family groups occupying various sites. The noise of many celebrations filtered in my windows until well into the first night of the new year. The sound of distant fireworks could also be heard. It didn’t bother me. It just seemed out of place for the quiet state park I’m used to.

The entire park has a different atmosphere this weekend. Sites that are usually filled with RVs with a couple of people are filled with families. Many sites have two cars along with the RV and additional campers cars are overflowing into the day use parking lot. Along with the cars there are boats, kayaks, bicycles and golf carts galore. All the people and toys means lots of activity and noise.

The activity and noise keeps the animals away. During the week I saw lots of squirrels, one armadillo while hearing others and a couple of gopher tortoises. With all the activity yesterday and today I only saw one squirrel. All the noise, running kids and barking dogs don’t make a good environment for the native animals.

Today was a three walk day. They were all fairly short in length. Each included a visit to Lake Manatee in search of interesting animals to photograph for inclusion in this blog, but the best I picture I took was of a couple of wildflowers. After two weeks at Myakka River State Park with lots of pictures to chose from, I’m feeling withdrawal with the lack of subjects here.

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