The Larder is Full

Monday December 21st 2020

After a less than sunny Sunday, the sun came out this morning. The storm front was well south of here this morning. The temperature was a good ten degrees cooler than Sunday. It peaked in the mid sixties.

My mission for the day was filling the refrigerator and pantry so I don’t have to go near a store until after Christmas. I was a few days to late to avoid the crowds. The cashier at the checkout said that today was the worst she had seen it this year. Things had been pretty quiet during the weekdays until today. The Walmart I went to had only one door open to control crowds and they had staff at the entrance enforcing mask rules. The aisles weren’t extremely crowded, but the checkouts were backed up. With almost all of the lanes open, each lane had at least four people in line. It probably took half an hour to get through the line. I came home with everything I needed and most of the things I wanted. Another visit to the grocery store before Christmas won’t be necessary.

My trip for groceries took the place of my morning visit with all of the wildlife in the park. My evening visit took a little longer. I waited at the bridge over the Myakka River until the sun went down. The alligators get a little more active when the sun stops warming their cold blooded bodies. As the sun set the gators all left the river bank for the water. They were soon invisible deep in the water. I hoped to see more deer on my walk back to my campsite in the growing darkness, but it wasn’t to be tonight.

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