Watching the Activity Around the Park

Friday November 20th 2020

Today’s weather was a slight improvement on Thursday. The wind was a little less ferocious and the rain showers were a little less frequent. It was possible to wander further from my RV home without getting rained on.

This guy is watching over the boat launch waiting for snacks. I wonder what the bands on his legs are all about. I’m not sure why the pelican population is being monitored.

During the rainy portions of the day I worked on configuring my new phone and learning about its quirks and features. It’s always fun to do a little tech geeking out. Between showers I was along the shore of the inlet to the port or at the boardwalk along the beach. There isn’t a lot of activity in the port, but the occasional transit in the inlet can be interesting. Just before noon today I watched one of the ships that SpaceX uses to catch the satellite fairings when they launch satellites from a Falcon 9 booster. It is probably heading for a position off shore to catch the fairing from Saturday nights SpaceX launch. The ship is very distinctive with four massive diagonal poles to support a net.

The GO Ms Tree leaves port. Is it in search of a satellite fairing?

The campground really emptied out this morning, but filled up again this evening. I’m not used to this level of turnover at this park. I’ve stayed here at this time of year a couple of times before. The park is usually full with early arriving snowbirds that stay for a few weeks before they move to their winter location. This year most of the occupants seem to be from Florida. I’ve seen a few RVs from northern states, but not as many as usual. Many of today’s arrivals were Florida families. My guess is as soon as the snowbirds canceled because of the pandemic, the locals jumped at the chance to get sites. Even so, the campground is still only partially full to comply with their socially distancing plan.

Little Blue Heron

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