A Normal Kind of Day

Tuesday November 10th 2020

The weather was back closer to normal today. It was a rainy morning and cloudy afternoon. The only real oddity in today’s weather was the way the arrival of each rain squall was announced. A few minutes before each new rain shower the sun would come out. While the sun was still out the rain would start. Soon the sun was gone and it was pouring. I got caught outside in the rain by this quirk twice this morning.

This falls rain is a real nuisance. Rainy days have out numbered the rain free days since the beginning of September. Everything inside my RV home feels a little damp. Little flea size and a little larger bugs have found some of the surfaces ideal scrounging areas. My can of bug spray has been getting a workout. I’ve even found a couple of geckos in the basement area of the RV.

Curious blossom at my campsite.

I managed to settle into my stay and put running from the storm aside for a few days. This morning I took the bicycle off the car preparing for local travel. My first errand of the day was a grocery shopping trip. It has been over two weeks since my last restocking. I wasn’t well focused during my trip around the store and came home without several of the things I wanted. It isn’t a big deal, since I’ll be near grocery stores at my next few stops.

Replacing my cell phone is finally reaching the top of my priority list. I’ve been nursing my current old phone for over a year. Its battery is really not holding a charge anymore. It seems to work plugged into the charger, but that isn’t very mobile. This afternoon it was really resisting the idea of staying powered on. I think the phone is close to six years old, so it is time. For a while over the last year I was waiting for the new phone models to be released. When the pandemic hit, I was waiting for the carriers phone stores to reopen after the shutdown. It is really messy to attempt to get it shipped. The stores seem to be taking customers, so tomorrow may be the day.

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