Continuing North Away From Eta

Sunday November 8th 2020

The rain caught up with me overnight. The wind wasn’t as bad as it was in the Keys, but it also picked up in strength overnight. My decision to continue north today was validated.

This morning I connected the car up to the back of the motorhome and continued my journey away from the storm. I pulled out of the campground a couple of minutes after 9AM. There was a light rain most of the morning. Driving east toward Interstate 95 I was driving into a strong head wind. About half way through my day’s journey, when I turned north on the Interstate the wind often hit the RV as a full cross wind. Some of the gusts were very strong. Staying in my lane and maintaining control of the RV was a challenge at times. The rain got more sporadic as I got further north.

One of the interesting observations during today’s travels was all the power line repair trucks heading south on Interstate 95. Big line trucks and tree trimming trucks were in convoys of four to ten vehicles all with their yellow caution lights flashing. I probably passed a dozen groups all from different locations.

Site 30 at the Tutusville KOA.

When I checked into the Titusville KOA in Mims Florida around 1:30PM, I was out of the area of rain and most of the wind. I was able to get a reservation through Friday thinking it was going to be out of the main impact of the storm. This afternoon the National Weather Service added this area to the Tropical Storm warning and a couple of the possible storm tracks for the end of the week bring whatever is left of the storm through this area. As I’m writing this blog entry around 10PM, the wind has picked up and a light rain is falling. Listening to the local TV, I think I’ll be fine for the initial pass of the storm across the keys and out by the southwest corner of Florida during the next twenty four hours. If it looks like the storm is coming back this way later in the week after regrouping in the gulf, I’ll move on again.

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