Birds and Gators

Wednesday October 14th 2020

Today’s weather was a little more comfortable than the last few because of a nice breeze. The temperature still peaked around ninety with high humidity.

In the winter these cyprus trees are high and dry.
Ibis the flooded grass.

I drove east on the Tamiami trail toward Miami again today. This time, I stopped at several of the roadside pullouts and walked a few of the trails. The high water level made it hard to find a lot of wildlife to view. The alligators don’t have much bank space to take the sun. If they are in the canals and ponds they are at the bottom keeping out of the direct sun. I didn’t see many of the bigger bird species either.

Backwater river and canal at dusk.

Back at the state park this afternoon and evening I had more luck catching sight of animals. The big gator that hangs out around the kayak launch on the Backwater river decided to check me out on the dock while I was waiting for sunset. It came straight across the water toward me. Once it got close enough to realize I was more of a threat than food it veered off the bee line course. I got a couple of good pictures of its size.

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