Last Day at Lake Manatee State Park

Saturday October 10th 2020

Today is my last day at Lake Manatee State Park. The two weeks have passed quickly. I wouldn’t mind staying longer, but there is a limit of two weeks at a time. I’ll be back in December. Tomorrow I’m moving about 150 miles south to another state park for the next two weeks.

My speculation about the decorated campsite down the road being for a wedding proved true today. On my morning walk through the day use area I spotted a crew setting up for a wedding. There were fifty or so white chairs lined up under the trees. The tables in the pavilion were covered in white table cloths and additional tables were lined up with serving stations.

On my mid day walk the residents of many of the campsites in my area were in fancy clothes. Clearly they weren’t going to be walking in the woods in suits and long dresses. When I walk by the day use area later in the day, a full blown wedding reception was in progress complete with music and dancing. I’ve seen weddings in campgrounds before, but it doesn’t happen often.

The wedding participants were lucky to dodge the weather. The day started out fine with lots of sunshine. Shortly after noon the sky darkened and a storm front moved through the area. It looked like it was going to last all afternoon, but after about an hour the sunshine returned. It remained dry for the rest of the day.

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