Travel Day to Jennings FL

Tuesday September 1st 2020

It was humid again today. The difference was sunshine. While there were a few scattered thunderstorms in the area, it was bright sunshine where I was. The temperature reached the mid 90s. It was not a comfortable day.

By the time I finished the outside travel preparation tasks this morning I was drenched in sweat. I sat in the driver’s seat of the motorhome letting the dash air conditioner cool me off for a few minutes before departing just before the 11AM checkout time. Traffic wasn’t bad allowing me to make good time on the 135 mile trip. The only problem was I didn’t need to make good time. I ended up stopping at both rest areas along the way to kill fifteen to twenty minutes at each stop. It was about 1:30PM when I arrived at Jennings KOA Holiday in Jennings FL. The RV park is along side Interstate 75 not far from the Georgia boarder. Other than the road noise which I expected the park is much nicer than I anticipated. It will be a good place to stay until after the holiday weekend.

Site 22 at the Jennings KOA Holiday

Getting setup in the midday sun was even more sweat inducing than the packing this morning. I still have the usual day after arrival tasks to complete in the morning, but I got inside with the air conditioning going as quickly as I could. Travel days are always tiring and today was worse than normal. I should sleep well tonight.

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