A Day of Rest and Bird Watching

Wednesday August 19th 2020

After three days and about 720 miles of driving, today was a day of rest. I spent the day at the campground relaxing. The day started with a reasonable temperature in the seventies, but the humidity was in the oppressive range. I had to turn the AC on earlier than usual as the temperature climbed toward ninety. The expected line of thunderstorms late in the day dropped the temperature back into the high seventies with the humidity briefly under control.

I spent some time today wandering around the campground noting the things that have changed since my last visit in 2018. The most visible change are some new cabins and they are building a viewing deck patio like structure along the side of the pond. A more subtle difference is the same one I’ve seen elsewhere across the country this summer. They are not putting much if any attention into flower beds. They didn’t plant anything this year. Except for a few flowering bushes there is not any colorful plant life in the park. I think the resources that would have been used for the flower beds went to COVID issues.

Finally caught up

One of the attractions at this campground is the bird life in the pond. I spent quite a few minutes along the side of the pond with my camera taking pictures of the various birds. I saw egrets, anhingas, and the resident swans. Most of the time the birds were in the middle of the lake or on the far side, so I had to use a lot of zoom for nice pictures. The last time I was here the swans and a few ducks were on the bank beside the campground.

Solo swan and a couple of turtles.

Tomorrow I’m moving on to my next stop. I have about a ninety mile drive down Interstate 95 to the southern boarder of Georgia. My next stop is another regular stop in St Marys Georgia just before the Florida State Line. I’ll be there for a few days.

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