A Foggy Start to the Day

Friday August 14th 2020

It was a foggy start to the day. Visibility was reduced looking up and down the river. It was close to 10AM before I saw the first barge pass by. As the day went by the fog lifted to cloud cover which gave way to sun before night arrived. Tomorrow is forecast to have a little less humidity.

The fog had lifted some by the time this big barge came up river.

Between walks around the RV park and rushing over to the riverbank to watch the passing barges, I got back to travel planning. It seems like this year has been more research than planning followed by more planning than execution. A good amount of changes and re-planning got thrown in for good measure.

Weed flower of the day.

My set of winter reservations in Florida start at the end of October. I have the first three weeks of September including the Labor day weekend planned in extreme southern Georgia and northern Florida. My immediate need is to figure out the last two plus weeks of August starting Sunday.

I am getting tired of checking for travel issues and attempting to locate things to do that aren’t closed or restricted because of the pandemic. The options aren’t good. I’d like to visit Nashville, but this isn’t the time to tour a big city. The Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountain National Park area has similar issues. I’m sure there are nice campgrounds in the middle of nowhere, but I haven’t found any that interest me. My current thought is to head through Tennessee and most of Georgia rather quickly to get back to the familiar territory of southeast Georgia and northeast Florida. There are many little outdoor things to do and places to visit that I’m already familiar with in that area. Tomorrow I’ll make the decision after a little time overnight to ruminate on the decision.

After a week with lots of available sites, the campground is filling up tonight. I’m guessing that most of the people are here for the weekend. Many of the RVs have little kids that the visitors during the week don’t seem to have. There were more people lining the riverbank this evening to watch the barges pass by.

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