Barge Watching and a Non-Shopping Trip

Wednesday August 12th 2020

The day began with full cloud cover and haze looking out over the river. It wasn’t a full fog, just the visibly manifestation of the high humidity. The clouds kept the temperature from climbing for most of the day. Right at the hottest part of the day around 4PM, the clouds gave way to some intermittent sun. The temperature soared. A day that was in the low to mid eighties most of the day ended in the low nineties.

I am really enjoying watching all the barges getting pushed by the campground. The small barges getting pushed down river can slip quietly by before you even know they are passing, but the big rafted barges heading up stream announce their presence long before they get near. The engines on the tugs give off a deep vibrating rumble as they strain to push the barges against the current. They churn the water so deeply that the wake is still producing new waves several hundred feet behind the tug.

I drove into Memphis this afternoon to visit the Bass Pro Shops in the Pyramid just over the I-40 bridge into the city. I was curious what I might find in the end of summer sale I saw advertised. There wasn’t much merchandise that interested me, but I got to watch the alligators get feed. One of the ponds on the store floor has some three or four foot alligators. The staff were feeding them with a long metal pole. Judging by how quickly they snapped at the pole, it is a good thing the girls hands were a long way away. The fish in the other ponds weren’t as interesting as the alligators, but were still more so than the merchandise. Overall, the visit was about a six on a scale of 10.

One of the buildings in the campground is marked with the high water level from May of 2011.

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