Travel Day to the Memphis TN Area

Thursday August 6th 2020

Today was a travel day of about 150 miles to the Memphis area. Since Maumelle Park has a 3PM checkout time, I took my time getting ready to leave. I also didn’t do as many tasks the day before travel as I usually complete. That was a mistake. I had plenty of time to do everything, but doing all the packing, the driving and the setup during the day takes a lot of energy. I’m very tired tonight.

I departed around 1PM. It is much later time than I usually hit the road. The only stop I made on the journey east was for gas about halfway to my destination. Traffic was heavy on Interstate 40 and the road conditions seem to deteriorate as I got closer to the Mississippi river. The road passes over a number of creeks and rivers. The transition from road to bridge and back are very uneven. It can really get the motorhome into a porpoising action until the shocks can regain control.

Site 33 at the Memphis KOA.

My destination for the next few days is the Memphis KOA. It is actually in Marion Arkansas. This is the same location I stayed at in the summer of 2018. I was even assigned the same site. It isn’t as nice as campground I departed, but it will do for the weekend. I’m still working on reservations for next week and beyond.

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