Settling in along the banks of the Arkansas River

Friday July 24th 2020

It was another day with high humidity and a high temperature around 90. If I understand the TV weather talkers correctly the humidity is normal, but the temperature is a few degrees cooler than the average. It didn’t take much outside exercise before I was dripping wet.

View looking down the Arkansas River.

I had an enjoyable day getting settled in and watching the campground fill up for the weekend. The campground is located in a nice tree shaded area along the banks of the Arkansas river. Some of the campers are here for the shade, some come for the fishing in the river and some are just here to be here. I’m in the last category. I really enjoyed this campground two years ago and looked forward to returning.

After getting the remainder of my camp setup tasks complete I took a walk along the river bank in the park. Being near the water is nice after several months in the desert. I enjoy watching the activity in the water and the animal life along the bank. In this case there is a boat launch here that the fishermen use to put in their boats. Some boats are really well outfitted for fishing and others look like they will barely float. Today’s animal life observations were restricted to a few Canadian Geese and a squirrel or two.

Blossom of the day.

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