A Little Touring Around Eastern Oklahoma

Monday July 20th 2020

It was another humid day. The only difference from the last few days is that the high temperature wasn’t as high in this part of the country. It only topped out in the low 90s. With very little breeze it was very uncomfortable outside. The good thing about my location is that I’m parked under trees. The shade allows the air conditioner to keep the inside comfortable. At my last stop in the open parking lot type campsite, the AC couldn’t really keep up during the hot part of the day.

I took my time with breakfast and my morning coffee. It took a little bit of thinking to realize it was only Monday. I’m used to moving on Mondays rather than Sunday, but it was worth it to get through Oklahoma City without heavy traffic. Once I was finished with breakfast it was time to checkout the area.

The Arkansas River is a few miles south of the campground. The highway crosses the river just downstream from the Robert S Kerr Lock and Dam #15 which holds back the river in the Robert S Kerr reservoir. I expected to find a recreation area at the dam, but all I found was lots of green grass. I didn’t see any boat traffic in the river or the reservoir. Everything was very quiet. Checking online maps later showed that I needed to wind my way through the farm land to find the recreation areas on the side of the reservoir. Maybe another day.

I also explored the community of Sallisaw to the north of the campground while I was out. It seems to be a thriving medium size town. Most of the businesses were open and busy. I returned to camp without stopping at any of them.

Fishing pond at the campground.

Like many of the campgrounds I’ve been staying at lately there are many overnight campers at this park. They all departed by the 11AM checkout time and new residents start arriving during the afternoon and into the evening. As I’ve been writing this blog entry I’ve heard a lot of new arrivals pulling in. The large turnover is proof that there are many people traveling in RVs this summer.

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