Yet Another Heat Wave

Thursday July 9th 2020

It was a bright sunny day allowing the temperature to reach 107 degrees this afternoon. This is the third “heat wave” I’ve been in this year. This is pay back for last year. I experienced very few ninety plus degree days in the Pacific Northwest last summer. This heat is expected to continue well into next week. Most of the day I have some shade, but late in the afternoon the sun is bearing on the passenger side of my RV without obstruction. From five to seven in the evening the AC can’t keep up. It gets very warm in the RV. Last night the AC didn’t start cycling until after eleven.

I worked on chores and maintenance tasks around the RV today. The big repair task is the wardrobe closet door that broke off its hinge on the way here. First I dug out a couple of new screws to fasten the hinges. They were located in a plastic organizer inside a plastic storage tub in the basement of the RV. Somehow I remembered I had the screws, but to find the two little screws I had to empty one whole basement storage bin. It took close to an hour to empty, locate and reload things.

I haven’t finished the repair yet. I filled the stripped screw holes with glue and pieces of wooden match sticks, but ran into a problem reinstalling things. The door is heavy. I can’t hold it and fasten the hinges at the same time. I may be able to disassemble things a little to make it more manageable or I’ll have to make some kind of support aid. A jig or a carefully constructed pile of stuff to hold the door may be in my future. I’m taking a day to ruminate on possible solutions.

This one is for decoration, but there a plenty of working ones around the area.

This afternoon I took a drive of exploration to the east. It was partly out of curiosity and partly to enjoy the concentrated AC in the front seat of the car. Amarillo ends just as abruptly as in the west. One minute you’re passing buildings and businesses and the next you’re surrounded by pastures and farm land. The common element was a lot of flat land.

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