Quiet Sunday after a Noisy Night

Sunday July 5th 2020

Today was a little warmer day than the past several. The cloud cover was a little less dense most of the day and the wind of the last few days was gone. The temperature peaked a little above 90 degrees.

View of the clouds to the northeast just before noon,

Fireworks in the surrounding area continued last night until after midnight. I could see a few of the air bursts, but for the most part it was just noise. Sleep didn’t come quickly, but I made up for it with a late start to the day this morning. Most of last nights overnight residents had departed by the time I got out of bed. The RV park last night, but it is making up for it tonight. The park appears to be full.

This is my last night here. Tomorrow I am heading east to Amarillo Texas. It will be a very long travel day, but additional stops in New Mexico don’t make sense with the current quarantine order for travelers. All I’d be able to see is the RV park from my campsite. I plan to stay in Amarillo for a little over a week. There are a number of outside recreational opportunities in the area. Hopefully, Texas doesn’t put a “stay at home” order or a quarantine order in place while I’m in Amarillo.

View of the clouds to the northeast at sunset.

Most of the day was spent watching TV and reading. Late in the day I got most of the outside travel preparation tasks complete. The inside tasks are half complete. After breakfast I can finish the remaining tasks. I want to get an early start tomorrow.

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